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I was lucky enough to preview these Do It Right products:

Balanced Floor Cleaner—It was easy to apply and did a good job. Floor Restorer and Protectant- also easy to apply, and it left my 20 year old linoleum shiny and new looking. When I came back in a few hours later, my whole kitchen had a pleasant odor.

Furniture/Cabinet Restorer and Protectant: this is the one that got me on your panel… I bought this through a catalogue, and was so skeptical of this “miracle “ restorer that I found out about the return policy before I ordered. The first coat of Furniture/Cabinet Restorer and Protectant made me a believer! The bottom, wood cabinets were 40 year old and had never been restored, were dry and patchy looking, and a different, lighter color than the top cabinets ( also 40 year old but still looking good ) I rubbed the Furniture/Cabinet Restorer and Protectant on and there was an immediate difference! The cabinets looked so much like the top ones, I couldn’t tell the difference. They were no longer embarrassing to me. Miracle is what I would call it too!

Bathroom Cleaner, Restorer and Protectant: I used this first in my shower enclosure…it got rid of mold and hard water deposits quickly with a bit of scrubbing. The glass and tiles looked almost new again. BUT… When I used it on my kitchen sink…a real miracle occurred…my 40 year old, white enamel sink had been an embarrassment to me for years. I was afraid people would think they’d get ptomaine from eating here. Even though I scrubbed the sink often with all types of cleaners, bleach, and powered cleansers…there was so much build-up, all you could see were stains and blue and yellow streaks. But one day before a dinner party, I tried the Bathroom Cleaner, Restorer and Protectant on this sink….after some scrubbing with a kitchen brush, patches of white started to show through. I kept on with the scrubbing, and little by little it all got back to looking like new! I kept finding excuses for going in to see my sink… and it still delights me. Now whenever I see a stain, I use the cleaner immediately to get rid of it. Please let me know where to get some more……I don’t ever want to run out of it. This is the first thing to work on my sink for years. Thank you so much for introducing me to this Miracle product. Feel free to contact me with any questions.

Sincerely, Julianne Titus


In June, you sent me a product to try (for free). It is Do It Right Bathroom Cleaner, Restorer & Deodorizer. The bathroom cleaner is excellent and I would definitely recommend the product for a superb product. It has an exceptional clean, deodorized yet no chemical odor. I have sworn by the Restore-A-Shower product and have started several people on the product. I have on hand the wood restore product but thus far have not taken the time to use it. I am looking forward to this fall and an opportunity to see if that product can live up to my expectations. I have some very good but very old furniture (40 plus years). I have good quality woods but they need some sprucing up. Thanks for the opportunity to test your product.

Sincerely, Luceil (Lucy) Fair